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How To Keep Your Baby Occupied During Lockdown

Lockdown has been tough on us all, especially for parents. Whether it is homeschooling their children whilst juggling their job, having a newborn baby and are just getting used to parenthood, or parents who are simply running out of ideas for things to do with their child. This article will help to inspire parents with fun and engaging things to do at home with their children. It’s time to put on some old clothes and put a coverall bib on the baby and have some fun.

Make Edible Play Dough

Babies put absolutely everything in their mouth and play dough is no exception. Making edible playdough is a great way to keep any child occupied for an hour or so. Yes, original playdough has that great smell but at least with homemade playdough, you know what is in it so you don’t have to worry about rushing a child to the hospital if they swallow any. It’s delicious, fun and hassle-free.

Bubble Wrap Painting

Bubble wrap painting is a great sensory way to get babies engaged. It’s messy, and the first time may be a bit of a struggle, but it is definitely worth having a go. All this requires is some bubble wrap, paint and some thick tape to create bubble wrap parcels. We don’t need to use a brush as they will be only using their hands.

Coloured Rice Art

Coloured rice art is a great way to get infants engaged with their inner artist. You can either use already adhesive paper or you can simply put glue on the paper for the rice to stick. Next, colouring the rice with food colouring, make sure not to cook the rice as this will not work, just add the colouring to dried rice. Once absorbed, separate your colours and let the child play.

Taste Safe Ice Painting

Taste safe ice painting is safe, fun and great for a baby’s senses. With ice art there is so much going on, there’s of course, the painting, the feel of the ice and also experiencing the ice melting. All you need is some small pots like yoghurt pots to put the water in, some food colouring, craft sticks and some card or paper to do the art on.

  1. Add water to the pots and add the colourings.
  2. Add the sticks and pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours so they are frozen through.
  3. Get some paper
  4. Let the children do their thing.

These are all fantastic ideas to get any baby occupied without worrying about anything going into their mouths as they are all safe with using edible ingredients. All of these ideas can also be fun for older children and can be modified to suit any baby, toddler or preschooler. Make sure to get the camera ready as all children react differently to things and it will be something to remember years to come in the baby book.