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Winter Outdoor Renovation Tips

There’s never a bad time to start the ball rolling on a well-needed home makeover project. In fact winter is arguably one of the best times to renovate if you want your garden in perfect condition before summer. Here are some reasons why you should refurbish during winter followed by some excellent renovation tips:

Why Renovate In Winter?

Less Disturbance

When you think about it winter is the time of year you’re least going to want to spend in your garden. Unless you have some shelter and a fire pit; it’s cold wet and not particularly pleasant. This means that it’s the perfect time to begin a redesign. During peak summer you’ll want to have the garden free for family and friends without being in the midst of a makeover!

The Job Is Easier

Thanks to the autumnal and winter weather your plants and shrubs will be dying back and the weeds won’t be growing as quickly as normal. This means there won’t be as much work as normal in order to get the garden space ready for the redesign. Making yours or the landscaper’s job much easier.

Less Disruptive For Wildlife

During the summer your garden might be quite literally humming with wildlife. However the winter brings about more peace and many animals have tucked themselves away for hibernation. It’s better for the wildlife to commence the project in winter as there will no disturbance for them.

What To Do?

Exterior Painting

Winter is the perfect time to paint your house exterior without being interrupted. If you’re trying something new then remember to stick to darker shades because colours always appear brighter when they’re hit by direct sunlight. For example white walls could appear blindingly bright during summer. Popular colours are shades of blue maroon and browns. You should also consider the kinds of plants in your garden when picking your paint colour as you may be able to coordinate it or play around with contrasting looks.


Why not get some hard landscaping done during the quieter months? This includes structural changes to your garden as well as additions. If you were thinking about erecting a feature wall sculpture or water fountain now would be the ideal opportunity. These are defining features in your garden that will be a talking point in the summertime. You could also lay some paving down or dig a path during the winter too changing up aesthetics of your garden in time for summer.

Outdoor Furniture & Decks Treatments

If you have any outdoor sustainable outdoor furniture then now’s the optimum time to start showing it some TLC before moving it into storage. Similarly treat all your decking and windows with a fresh lick of paint and generous coating of varnish. This could be a great opportunity to switch up the colour theme of your garden too. Nowadays many people are opting to create a Mediterranean feel in their garden including pastel coloured furniture and brightly coloured decking.

What Are You Waiting For?

There’s no time like the present to get your garden renovation well and truly underway. As long as you’re not disrupted by snow or heavy rainfall (buy some tarpaulin to keep it at bay) there’s no reason why you can’t redesign your garden quickly and efficiently during the winter months.