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Top Autumn Fashion Trends 2021

The summer months are now behind us and the autumn months are starting to show their red crispy leaves. It’s not all bad though the autumn months have to be one of the best seasons for fashion. Whether that be with layering wrapping up warm or even just the beautiful crisp mornings with your leather gloves and cashmere scarf. 2021 is a little bit different when it comes to trends this year. There is a lot less formal and in with the looser fittings and comfortable clothing like the ‘90s. This isn’t the average full tracksuit though so in this article we will go through some of the top men’s autumn trends in 2021.

Oversized Outerwear

Tailoring is getting looser and so is the outerwear. More people are now opting for more boxy puffer jackets slouched trench coats and lengthy overcoats. This is not what many would expect if you were born in the late nineties as fitted and skinny fit has been the trend for the past decade. But this will allow you to be more adventurous with what is put underneath it. Look at adding some more layers for different colours and textures.

Work From Home Comforts

We don’t know where we will be in a couple of months with covid so designers are bringing out more work from home comforts such as lux loungewear and house shoes are going to be in over a suit. These can be items like slack pants over men’s tracksuits pants or organic cotton hoodies. If you are working from home more then opt for smart but casual attire.


Fleece is not just for hikers anymore the fleece is for everyone the revival has come due to menswear trends moving toward the outdoors inspired clothing for several seasons. Brands such as North Face collaborate with Supreme and many more alike. It can be overdone so opt for minimalism. Keep it to one piece of fleece per outfit and mix and match with different textures to not overdo it.


Leather is making another appearance whether this is real or faux it’s still in. It looks great and the rugged look has a timeless appeal winter after winter. A bomber style leather jacket is a wise choice for an investment. We say investment because it won’t come cheap but it will last you a lifetime. There are many different styles out there so try a few on before committing.

Relaxed Legs

Skinny legwear and bare ankles are starting to dwindle away for more ’80s and 90’s relaxed fit trousers. They may not be for everyone but this is certainly the way that trends are going. For the past decade it’s been skinny jeans and trying to fit our legs in tight-fitting jeans and it’s going to be a hard habit to break. Give it a try and you might even be surprised but they will look great with a good quality boot and leather jacket.They are also much more comfortable so you will definitely appreciate it.