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The Best Old-School Fashion Trends That Have Resurfaced

Fashion can be a confusing concept. So many new and innovative styles hit the high streets and cause an outbreak across the fashion industry. In recent years however some of the best styles have been revamped versions of trends that were prominent decades ago! Crazy right? Well if you can wear these trends like they have never gone out of fashion you will truly be considered a timeless fashionista! In this blog post we will share the most favourite past fashion trends that have resurfaced and become the most-wanted pieces within the last few years. Some of these trends are centuries old yet we have brought them back better than ever!

Velour Tracksuits

Juicy Couture was a fashion giant in the early 2000s. Everyone’s favourite diva Paris Hilton was the biggest trendsetter wearing juicy couture for every occasion possible. Today velour tracksuits have come back with a vengeance to take their rightful place on top of the fashion throne! Juicy Couture has released their newest and updated range of velour tracksuits but nothing beats the old-school vintage styles of tracksuits we all know and love. Try out a velour tracksuit for yourself experimenting with hoodie and short sets or wide-legged joggers for the effortlessly casual look!

Corset Tops

You do not have to be in high society to wear corset tops anymore! Corsets have been a fashion statement trend for centuries and today they have come back with a bang. From corset tops to corset-style dresses they are styled just as beautifully as the ladies of high society used to do back in the day.

Boyfriend Jeans

Early 90’s grunge brought the era of bagging clothing. Boyfriend jeans were the go-to piece of fashion to make it look like you were too cool to care! The biggest movie stars and supermodels were all sporting boyfriend jeans with their slender figures. Now boyfriend jeans are a wardrobe staple to wear on your most casual days! Pair with a cute crop top and some sneakers for the hipster look.

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses were another stunning trend that was sported by the top models of the 90s. Slip dresses are so elegantly worn and give the impression of rolling out of bed and still looking beautiful! As much as bodycon dresses are a fan favourite slip dresses just have the special edge in which everyone can look feminine and sultry in them. Wear slip dresses for your nights out with friends or make it a casual summer daytime look.

Denim on Denim

Only a few years ago denim on denim was seen as the ultimate fashion failure. Today you are simply not keeping up if you do not own a denim two-piece in your wardrobe. Denim corsets and skirts are being created by fashion outlets everywhere. They are such a great statement look which combines a casual flirty look that can be sported for any event. Pair with some heels and a shoulder bag for hitting the club with your girls!

Bottom line

Overall fashion trends will come and go but the best trends will always find a way to innovate and manifest into a newer and more modern version of the trend. Staying up to date with trends also involves going back in time and taking inspiration from the best trends that we have seen!