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Moowy lawn care: maintenance

When laying out a new garden chances are you’ll opt for a lawn. More and more people are seeing the benefits of a beautiful lawn. Some find it very beautiful to have a lawn and also enjoy looking at it. Others find it especially convenient to have a lawn as it provides more greenery in the garden. Also children and pets can play nicely on the lawn. Over the years the appearance of the lawn can change. It may take on a different colour and bald patches may gradually appear. Of course this is not what you want to have which is why it is important to maintain the lawn as well as possible.

With proper maintenance it is possible to keep the lawn healthy for as long as possible. In this way you can ensure that you can always enjoy a beautiful lawn. Nevertheless maintenance is very tricky and many people think that you only need to water the lawn. While this is part of the maintenance there is a lot more that needs to be done. Want to know exactly what you need to do? Below we tell you all about lawn maintenance.

Lawn products

Before you can start maintaining a lawn it is important to get the right stuff. The products from moowy lawn care have a very high quality and are excellent for lawn maintenance. For example you can get fertiliser here to give nutrition to the lawn but you can also buy a moss killer here. A moss killer is perfect for removing moss as well as thatch. This way the lawn gets enough sunlight again and water can actually penetrate when watering.

How to sow grass seed?

Is there little volume in the lawn or are there bare patches? Then it is useful to know exactly how to sow grass. How to sow grass seed? Sowing grass is actually very simple and all you have to do is spread it over the bare spots in the lawn. This is where the grass can grow again making the lawn look nice again. This is a great advantage but you need grass seed for this. It is advisable to buy quality grass seed so that you can actually ensure a beautiful lawn. Quality grass seed can germinate a lot faster and also provides more volume. Order the grass seed on the internet so you can start sowing the lawn.