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Mens Styles Trends to End the Year With

Men’s style doesn’t often change too much each year with skinny jeans borg jackets and boots returning consistently but for some this is a little too boring. If you’re looking for some interesting new trends to try in the autumn-winter here’s an in-depth look at the return of cord mismatched prints light wash denim jackets and plaid.

Corduroy Makes its Return

Every grandad’s best friend corduroy and the colours it’s associated with often give people grandpa vibes but this season its back in a new form. Dark greens browns and red are being modernised with a tailored fit for a stylish new workwear choice for the smart/ casual types. Match it up with an open shirt and vans you’ll have a half urban streetwear half workwear style going on.

Mismatched Print Shirts

If you’re looking for a couple of new staple pieces for your wardrobe without going too bold some new print shirt might be the right choice. Currently trending are mismatched prints with almost make the shirt look like 5 or 6 shirts stitched all together with a lot of design and colours in one place it’s a perfect choice for a casual day out and partner in with a borg jacket and skinning jeans for a stand out style.

Light Wash Denim in Winter?

In the mens urban clothing scene light wash denim is back in for the autumn-winter. Although this colour tends to offer dad vibes and oversized denim jacket can give you the retro style you’re looking for in the colder months of the year. Simply match it up with a hoody and fitted joggers for an ultra-casual look.

Plaid Pants

According to Pinterest search for plaid pants has increased by 267{e6300d762bde23f2e63bb9e36265295fab7258b83ce43d95c046f299c705f2a1} and with good reason. Likely to be your favourite way to make a subtle or big statement this winter fitted plaid trousers come with both daring or low key patterns depending on what you’re wanting them for. Try them with a casual top belt and jacket combo or smart them up for work there’s plenty to try with plaid.