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Laser Eye Surgery vs Contact Lenses – Which is the better option for you?

There are a few options available to you when your vision becomes poor with the obvious option being to get glasses. However not everyone enjoys wearing glasses so it’s likely that you’ve explored some alternatives such as contact lenses or laser eye surgery. They can both help to optimise your vision but what is the best option for you? To figure this out we’ve listed the pros and cons of each so that you can obtain all the information you require before making a decision.

Laser Eye Surgery

This is a surgery form of vision correction that a patient can go through which has been guaranteed to improve both short-sighted and long-sighted impairments. The surgery involves using a laser that helps to reshape the eye’s cornea which is vital in helping the eyes to focus. What’s great about laser eye surgery is that it can help to reduce a patients’ dependence on glasses or contact lenses dramatically or get rid of them altogether.

Benefits of laser eye surgery v contact lenses

Long term solution – Laser eye surgery offers a longer lasting solution for correcting your eyesight for the permanent. Glasses and contact lenses need to be replaced often.

No need to hassle with extra equipment – Contact lenses and glasses comes with additional equipment that you have to look after including lens fluid and glasses cases. This means carrying them and taking them around with you if you ever go anywhere.

Confidence is boosted – People tend to worry about how they look when they’re wearing glasses especially in photos. Knowing that you don’t need them can bring added confidence to your appearance similar to how someone feels when they go through cosmetic surgery.

Infection is less likely – Consistently wearing contact lenses means your eyes are at risk of infection. Laser eye surgery puts this worry to rest.

Disadvantages of laser eye surgery v contact lenses

Have dry eyes – Initially when you first have the surgery it can make your eyes really dry and uncomfortable. This can be rectified with eye drops and once your eyes heal you should be fine.

Vision could still appear blurry – Although laser eye surgery helps improve your vision dramatically there may be some tasks where you still need your glasses. An example of this can be reading the small print.

Can see glare – A ‘halo effect’ can sometimes appear after treatment. This will eventually improve over time though.

Complications with flap – There can be some cases where a flap is required to be created in the cornea but it doesn’t heal correctly. Aftercare can help to reduce the risk of this and further treatment can also be provided.

Contact Lenses

The lenses are worn ‘in contact’ with the eye. They can different forms which help to rectify both long term and short term issues with sight but aren’t considered a long term solution. They will be required to re-purchase and will require cleaning regularly.

Benefits of contact lenses

An ideal alternative for glasses – If you don’t like wearing glasses contact lenses can help to rectify the issue.

Can provide better vision compared to glasses – As contact lenses are designed to conform to your eyes you won’t have frames getting in the way.

You can be more active – Contact lenses are far more restrictive compared to glasses which means you’re not prevented from playing sports for example.

Disadvantages of contact lenses v laser eye surgery

Need to get used to putting them in – It can be a bit of a difficult task putting in contact lenses so if you’re squeamish it may take you a while to get used to putting them in

Possibility of infection – Not cleaning your contact lenses thoroughly can cause an eye infection including microbial keratitis which can be quite serious if it’s not treated.

Inconvenience is caused – It can be easy to lose your contact lenses or misplace them. You also need to remember to take your spare lenses and fluid when you’re away

They’re not a permanent solution – As mentioned previously contact lenses aren’t a permanent solution and will need to be brought often and replaced.

Unable to shower or sleep with them in – If you keep your contact lenses in it can cause an infection.

What’s your decision?

These pros and cons should provide you with a better idea on what the best solution is for you. Discussing matters with local surgeons can also provide you with a better indication of the most suitable solution but ensure that the decision that you make is the right one for you.