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How To Save Money When Shopping For Clothes Online

Shopping for clothing can be expensive but there are ways to save money.

Look Out For Discount Codes

Whenever you are shopping on clothing retail sites before you press the purchase button you should always check online if there are any discount codes that you can use. Some discount codes could knock off a fairly substantial amount of money or cause your shipping to be free. Not all websites offer this but it is always worth checking.

Check Out The Charity Shops

Charity shops are a fantastic way to find second-hand clothing on the cheap. Sometimes you can find some absolute gems in charity shops that would set you back a pretty price if you bought them new. Charity shops me expose you to a wider range of clothes than what you are used to being shown at your favourite clothing retailers, meaning you may discover new styles from shopping within charity shops to help make you stand out from the crowd.

Hire Fancy Clothes For Special Occasions

If you have a special event coming up you could save money by hiring out a fancy suit or dress for the occasion instead of footing the purchase price of buying the clothing yourself. This may allow you to wear pricier outfits when you are out at formal events and you can wear a new outfit each time. If you compare the prices of different clothing hire places you can find the best outfit for the cheapest price.

Shop During Sales

By waiting for sales you can save big on shopping for new clothes, most retailers have at least one sale per season; with Black Friday which is the last Friday in November each year being the biggest sale event of the year for most retailers.

Use A Rewards Credit Card

By making purchases using a rewards credit card you can sometimes get a small cashback percentage back of your total spend. So next time you buy your next men’s streetwear item you should consider paying using your rewards credit card.

Buy Quality Clothes Instead Of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion will likely mean that you will spend less money in the short term but the clothes likely will be made of materials that won’t last as long as if you spent more money on buying quality clothing in the first place. By buying from trusted brands that are renowned for the quality of their clothing your clothing is more likely to last longer, meaning that you will be buying replacements less frequently.

Buy Second Hand Clothing Online

Online retail websites such as eBay, depop and Vinted allow people to easily sell their clothes to each other online. Buyers can find some great deals on second-hand clothing and have the advantage of having an expansive selection of clothing. You will be able to find clothing in a range of different colours and styles, so you definitely will be able to find your next men’s full tracksuit in your favourite colour.

Repair Your Old Clothing

If you are looking to replace clothing that has rips or tears you could consider attempting to repair it yourself with the help of a wide range of amazing YouTube tutorials. Alternatively, you could take your broken clothing to a clothes repair shop which may work out cheaper than buying a new piece of clothing.


There are plenty of ways to save money when you are buying clothes, if you don’t take advantage of them yourself you are missing out!