Cannabis As an Alternative Medicine For Cancer

When you have cancer, various types of treatment are taken to improve the quality of life. No exception is the use of materials that have not been fully legalized. Research in cancer patients at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, a cancer care center in Seattle, United States, states that nearly a quarter of patients used medical marijuana last year.

Patient interest in large medical marijuana. Unfortunately, patients who want to know more about marijuana use during the treatment period are ignored by the doctor. Finally, the patient instead turned to look for alternative information that was scientifically questionable. To buy a licensed medical cannabis with good quality, you can get it at Canadian Pharmacy. You can even  get the information online at Canadian Pharmacy Online

Cancer patients themselves do not get adequate information about the efficacy and side effects of marijuana use. Of the 74 percent of patients, less than 15 percent received information from health services. Meanwhile, other information can be obtained from friends, family members, or other patients.

Research published in the journal Cancer on September 25, 2017, still has limitations. Pergram and his team did not examine the efficacy and side effects of marijuana use during the patient care period. In addition, the sample population only came from one treatment center, could not represent the condition of all cancer patients in the United States. 900 900 cancer patients, Steven A. Program and his colleagues asked a number of questions related to marijuana use. The program found 24 percent of patients were active medical marijuana users.

That is, they have used marijuana last year for symptoms of cancer-related diseases. 21 percent use it in the past month. “The amount obtained from research is doubled from the national survey in the United States,” Pelgram said as quoted from, Sunday, October 1, 2017. Of the total active users, 74 percent use marijuana at least once a week. 56 percent of patients use it once a day, and 31 percent of patients use it several times a day. Cancer patients use marijuana by burning or consumed like food.

The reasons for patients using marijuana are varied. Three-quarters of active users claim to use marijuana to relieve physical symptoms, such as pain and nausea. Meanwhile, two-thirds of active patients have the goal of using marijuana to help with psychiatric symptoms, such as stress and sleep disturbances.