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Best Places to Live and Work in the World

It’s a common occurrence for people to be happy in their career but possibly want a change in scenery and there are plenty of amazing places around the world to work. There are certain cities around the world known for helping your progression in a particular business sector and they also have an environment you want to enjoy outside of your working day. Here’s a look at four cities known as being the best places to live and work.


A continually growing city is full of new career options and the majority of businesses there are encouraging career driven individuals to move to the city with plenty of benefits available. It’s a beautiful city that is still growing but it still has plenty of different events to get involved in when you’re not working.


Known as one of the business capitals of the world and also welcomes different cultures from around the world. Though the city can be expensive to live in but the career opportunities tend to offer inflated wages to match the extra cost. With recent political issues it’s worth researching how to apply for British citizenship to see if you would be eligible.


Known as one of the best cities to live in all around the world. Located on the coast of Canada the city has everything you would want local mountains to hike beaches and a lively city and naturally with its popularity more and more business is locating there which mean career path also has.

Hong Kong

If you’re looking for a complete change in your lifestyle Hong Kong offers a cultural city with friendly locals and a fantastic nightlife. Because of the city’s massive size there are career choices in the majority of sectors to apply for but fair warning it’s a very humid city to live in and it tends to take around 30 days to climatise.

It’s always worth speaking to immigration lawyers or an expert to see what your options are before you begin to apply for jobs in other countries but even if you go just for a year it’s an experience you’ll never forget.