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5 Organisation Tips For Your Wardrobe

Organising your wardrobe might seem like a chore, however once it is done properly, it will make life everyday so much easier. You will save time actually finding things and you will also find it much easier to decide what to wear. These tips are also likely to make your space feel much bigger! Set aside a day to give your wardrobe a big clear out and you will feel so refreshed.

1. Take Everything Out

The best way to get completely organised with your wardrobe is to set aside a whole day and take everything out. This is the best way to visualise the space you have and figure out the best way to organise everything. Clear out the wardrobe and sort it into keep, sell and donate piles. Be ruthless as this will make the rest of the process easier!

2. Organise by Category

I always find that the best way to organise a wardrobe is by category. I’ll have one section with all my coats and jackets, another one with my comfy clothes like plain tracksuits and loungewear, then another for my jeans and so on. This will make it much easier to put outfits together and find the things you need. Although organising your clothes by colour might be aesthetically pleasing, it’s not necessarily the most effective way to do it!

3. Utilise Empty Space

If you have any kind of empty space in your wardrobe, for example at the bottom below where the clothes hang, or to one side of a larger wardrobe, utilise the space by inserting drawers or shelves. Although you might think you couldn’t fit much more in there, that empty space has so much potential. You could also use shelves to display some of your favourite accessories for a nice design touch!

4. Make Your Wardrobe Seasonal

Having clothes for every season in your wardrobe can take up a lot of space, so you should invest in some vacuum pack bags which you can pack your clothes into when you aren’t using them. For example, pack away all your chunky winter clothes, hats and gloves and mens full tracksuits that you won’t need over the summer months and you will double your wardrobe space! You will need to dedicate a few hours around twice a year to make this swap, however it will make your life much easier everyday.

5. Buy A Clothing Rack

If you are short of space in your actual wardrobe and have a bit of space elsewhere, you could invest in a clothes rack. You could use this to store all of your coats, or your favourite going out outfits that are all the same colour tone. Not only will this give you more valuable space, but it will also be a great addition to any space!

Final Thoughts

Investing a few hours into making these changes will make everyday much easier. Try to keep on top of your wardrobe organisation and you are likely to feel much more organised in other areas of life (well, I do anyway!). Be creative with your space and enjoy!