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Why should you always offer Harley-Davidson OEM parts to your customers?

The way customers buy replacement parts has changed. Today people are more interested in learning how to repair their motorcycles. When someone asks for Harley-Davidson OEM parts in your store you have to offer them exactly that. Some vendors make the mistake of offering other lower quality replacement parts with the excuse that they are more “affordable” in price. However when a person orders Harley-Davidson OEM parts it is because they have taken the time to research the advantages of using these types of replacement parts on their motorcycle. Remember that people search the Internet for information before they buy. If you try to fool them into thinking they don’t know you could lose a customer forever. Nowadays honesty is the best way to win and keep customers.

How to convince the most skeptical?

There will always be some customers who do not see the need to invest more in better quality parts. In these cases you must have a strategy that allows you to show them with data that buying Harley-Davidson OEM parts is their best option. Many of these customers only consider the price of the replacement parts but do not analyze how long they will last before they get damaged. If you show them that it’s worth the long-term investment you’ll have an assured sale and a new customer. Another good way to sell Harley-Davidson OEM parts to those skeptical customers is to mention ride safety. Let’s be honest all aftermarket parts deteriorate. Your strategy should be to highlight the warranty time offered by the manufacturer. The longer the warranty the better the quality of workmanship.

Harley-Davidson OEM parts prevent domino effect

Some mechanics call the damage caused by a poor quality replacement part to other Harley-Davidson OEM parts on the motorcycle the “domino effect”. That is when you put in a poor quality replacement part it can cause damage to other parts. This is because sometimes these replacement parts are not manufactured to the same quality standards. In order for Harley-Davidson OEM parts to last much longer it is important to use them on the entire motorcycle. In addition this way you keep your iron horse 100{e6300d762bde23f2e63bb9e36265295fab7258b83ce43d95c046f299c705f2a1} original and in optimal working condition. If your customers understand the advantages they receive they won’t hesitate twice. This is what makes the difference between a great salesman and a common salesman. Only those who manage to offer their customers what they are looking for are the ones who manage to get the best sales.