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What can you do with a paternity test?

You may think the answer to this question is to find out if you are or not a father. But today will discover that a paternity test has more uses than you think. First Google the phrase “legal DNA testing near me” to find out your options of having the test. Chances are there is a lab in your city or that lab has partnerships with other labs where you can go to provide your samples. For the results to be legally valid and meet very specific requirements so be very patient. Unlike a home gender test whose samples can be taken at home a legally valid DNA test requires the samples to be taken by an authorized person. That person must ensure that the samples were taken from the correct people and guard them until they reach the laboratory.

Obtain an inheritance with your DNA

When a parent dies and has property their children inherit the property in equal shares if there is no will. If there is a will they distribute the property according to the deceased parent’s wishes. But what happens when the father had children whom he did not legally acknowledge? Are those persons entitled to receive part of the inheritance? The answer is yes. If a person is sure that the man who has died was his father a judge can order a paternity test to corroborate it. Even if the body has already been buried a laboratory can use a DNA sample from one of the deceased man’s children a sibling or the father. It is a legal and cumbersome process so you will need to have the support of a professional lawyer to tell you what to do at each stage of the process.

Obtain nationality through your father

The vast majority of countries allow parents who are legal citizens of a country to transfer that nationality to their children. When the father’s name appears on the child’s birth certificate the process is much simpler. On the other hand when that person was not recognized by the father the country’s immigration authorities will require a legally valid paternity test. Even if your father does not want to see you you can still access the nationality since the judge will require your father to provide the DNA sample. Once the country’s immigration authorities certify you are the child of a citizen you will be eligible for nationality. Some countries offer permanent nationality while others only grant a residence permit for the first few years before finally granting nationality.