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The Fastest Growing Green Jobs of 2019

Young professionals and graduates are increasingly seeking careers that have the potential to make a difference and change the current issues regarding global warming and pollution. We are increasingly aware of the damage that we are doing to our planet and so in order for things to improve green jobs are taking off with many opportunities available in all sorts of sectors. If you want a career that will help the planet in the long term have a look at these 6 opportunities.


Landfills certainly aren’t a long term solution so the demand for staff to work in recycling centres all over the world is huge. From people sorting the recycling to the big bosses running the centres and researchers finding new ways to recycle there are plenty of roles available within the recycling sector for those wanting to get involved.

The sorting of recycling in itself is extremely labour intensive as it involves the collection sorting and processing of a range of different materials. The planning required for these processes is extremely complex. Overall for recycling to be done successfully a great deal of staff are required.

Wind Energy Workers

The demand for green energy suppliers is through the roof and it looks like this won’t be changing anytime soon so opting for a career in green energy such as wind turbines will provide you with a secure future whilst also being able to have the knowledge that you’re making a difference. The current target is to have ⅓ of all energy to be wind energy to work towards abolishing the need for fossil fuels.

Solar Energy Technicians

As well as wind energy workers solar energy workers are in high demand. Although solar energy has been around for a few years it certainly has not fulfilled its potential so the need for scientists and labourers is high to ensure that this area of green energy can grow.

From corporate careers to jobs in marketing and sales the opportunities are endless. The salaries grow rapidly with experience with experienced solar installers making around £40http://www.aresoncpa.com000 a year.

Electric Car Engineers

Cars are responsible for a great amount of pollution in the air and so having professionals focused on the design and construction of electric cars is essential. With an increase in clean cars it is inevitable that engineers specialising in this sector will also be needed.

The last 100 years have been dominated by petrol and diesel cars so although this may not be an immediate change the biggest car manufacturers are working towards major modifications to the industry for the near future.

Water Quality Technicians

Ocean pollution is an increasing problem so creative solutions are required to protect our seas and the wildlife that comes with them. Another avenue for water quality technicians is the testing and monitoring of sewage and waste water and also treating water so it is safe to use. As we are experiencing water shortages globally ensuring that the supplies we do have are safe is vital.

Green Designer

For those with an interest in the future as well as creativity and architecture creating sustainable green designs sounds like a perfect career path. With the aim of creating buildings that minimize the harmful effects of construction on the earth green architects use both eco-friendly materials as well as construction practices.

Considering how to keep designs earth-friendly whilst also meeting the needs of clients is challenging yet rewarding and as businesses are increasingly looking for greener solutions to construction to create a good reputation for themselves there is a high demand for green designers.