The Best Places To Buy Real Estate Overseas

Getting on the property market doesn’t have to mean buying something in your hometown, or even your home country. For many of us, the prospect of buying property overseas seems impossible. Thanks to globalisation, we’re all a little closer to our global neighbours, which means it’s easier than ever before to buy property in other countries. In some countries, your dollars will go a lot further, meaning you could land a luxury holiday property that also brings in holiday rental yields throughout the year. A cursory glance at the state of economies around the world will reveal the best places to consider buying real estate in 2018.


For anyone seeking temperate climates, delicious food and friendly locals, you can’t go wrong with buying property in Spain. The average cost of a property in Spain is much lower than in the United States, so you should be able to pick up a well-maintained property outside of the larger towns for around $40,000.


This central European country is steeped in history and folk traditions. While it might offer a greater culture shock than other European countries, it can also offer dirt cheap property. You could pick up a three-bedroom property for around $30,000.


If your only experience of France is Paris, then you are certainly missing out. From the sun-drenched rivieras to the snow-topped peaks of the Alps, there’s something for everyone in France. A rustic farmhouse could set you back as little as $52,000 while an alpine lodge in need of a conversion could cost as little as $56,000.


For Irish-American citizens, buying a home in Ireland is a lifelong-dream. If you’re after rugged landscapes and a truly remote escape, you can’t go wrong with the Emerald Isle. Eagle-eyed property searches and those willing to put some investment into the property could pick up a 4 bedroom house in Donegal on the Western coast of the island for just over $45,000 – just be prepared to put a little work into it.

The United Kingdom

Head outside of the main cities and you could pick up a quaint English farmhouse or cottage that will make the ideal holiday home. As the island is so small, and incredibly well-connected by public transport, you probably won’t even need to hire a car for most locations. With the value of the pound looking uncertain in the face of the Brexit vote, England is a wait-and-see location in terms of investment. However, the uncertain market will give you bargaining power when it comes to negotiating on things like residential conveyancing solicitors.