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How to Hit Your Running Goals For 2020

Every new year comes with some wanting become feel fitter healthier or look better and most turn to running to strive for their goals. But running isn’t the easiest exercise to get into the routine of so here’s some tips on how you can hit you person goals in 2020.

Find a Running Partner

Part of the problem for most is finding the motivation to go out running or get to the gym. finding someone with similar goals or someone who is already a fitness enthusiasts will help to spur you on to meet up and work out. Most people find that the guilt of letting your friend down stops you from flaking on the workout. so find someone to get to the gym with if you don’t think you can trust yourself to stick to your new plan.


Most people with have a goal in mind whether is to lose weight improve stamina or be able to run faster. Most know that this doesn’t happen overnight but at the same time people can also lose patience when they’re not seeing the change so record weekly bi-weekly or monthly progression will help you see the little changes rather than just trying to focus on the end.


While some might find it more comfortable to wear the current gymwear buying new fitness clothing can actually improve your workouts. Compression leggings moisture wicking tops and the correct running shoes are all part of improving both your comfort and performance while running. While you may not even notice it while running you’ll find with the right running shoes and compression garments that your recovery time improves as muscles are support in a much better way.

Enter a Race

If you are someone looking for a ‘test’ then entering a race later in the year might be the best way to keep you motivated in the long run. Whether is a 10k or a marathon signing up will keep your spirit up and keep you on the right path for the end goal.