How Do We Know If a Jewel Piece Is Original on Black Friday?

Ever feel like you just bought a fake piece of jewellery? Ever feel like you might buy the wrong piece of jewellery online or offline? The reason might be because you, like many others, don’t know how to identify authentic pieces of diamond, gold, or gemstones. Many times, people shop for jewellery on discount days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although this is a good idea because of the discount on these goods, most of the time, shoppers end up purchasing poor-quality jewellery. Online reviews platforms such as the BrittanReviews reveal that online shoppers find it the toughest to buy good-quality jewellery because you only get to see a picture or video of the said product, which most of the time can be manipulated. This, however, does not imply that using an online shop to buy jewellery on a Black Friday is a bad idea. All you have to do is to shop from a renowned jewellery store with a good reputation.

It is that discount season in the year again, and all products and items in the market are up for sales at discounted prices. Jewellery stores that sell products like Pandora Necklace and the likes, do not fail to participate in the Black Friday deal. So how do we truly identify original jewellery on Black Friday?

You can’t differentiate between an original piece of jewellery from a fake by mere observation. This is the reason many shoppers get to duped buy sellers. Let’s see some ways to spot an original piece.  

Look for Marks or Stamps

Silver jewellery all have stamps on them as required by Law. “925” and “999” refer to Sterling Silver and pure hand-made silver respectively. Some other jewellery may come with marks like “S925″, and we suggest you avoid those as they are nickel/copper metals with silver coating. Brand manufacturers often place their stamps on the clasps of bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Use a Magnet

When going out to the store on a Black Friday with plans to purchase jewellery, you might need to carry along a magnet. A silver or gold jewellery will never get attracted by a magnet; should any in the store get attracted, it is a fake.

Apply Cosmetics

Using a liquid foundation, you can identify an original piece. Real gold checked with this method will leave a black coloured streak when it gets in direct contact with the foundation.

Feel it

Genuine silver feels slightly cold to the touch and begins to have a warmer temperature if you keep your hands pressed against it. It would also feel very solid with a proportionally distributed weight.

No Fog

When purchasing gems in stores, a natural and pure gem will not appear foggy when you breathe on it due to its high thermal properties.

Use the Teeth

When you are purchasing authentic pearls, you should bite gently on it to get a feel. Original pearls would have creaks like sand when bitten.

It Will Not Sink

When buying Amber jewellery, take a glass of water and add 3 tea spoon of salt. A genuine and authentic Amber would float. Meanwhile, a fake would sink.

Identifying original jewellery is hard but not impossible. Stick to tips on how to buy an original to prevent you from getting ripped off on Black Friday sales.