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6 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in Summer 2018

Summer is here and it’s getting hotter by the minute. Everywhere is roasting; including Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands. The city doesn’t strike you as being a summer destination but you’re wrong. There’s many fun things to do in Amsterdam.

To make any trip worthwhile you should book serviced apartments in Amsterdam. They come with all the homely comforts that any trip to Amsterdam needs. Not only that but they’re near all the attractions and public transport.

Amsterdam is exceptional in the summer as you’re about to find out.

List of things to do in Amsterdam in the summer:

Ride a bike around Amsterdam

This is how the Dutch prefer to travel. Who can blame them? It provides the right amount of exercise and gets you out in the open air. Nothing wrong with that.

See the incredible city of Amsterdam from a whole new perspective as you cycle round the streets and canals. Push yourself like you’ve never pushed yourself before and see how long it takes you to get around the entire city by bike. Why use public transport when this is cheaper and way more fun?

Explore the canals via boat

Rent your own little boat and sail through the historic and tranquil Amsterdam canals. They represent a part of the city’s evolution and grandeur from the Golden Age and have to be seen and sailed to be appreciated. A fantastic day out to be had by all.

You can expect to pay around 100 euros for a couple of hours which is more than worth it. Be aware that the boats take a maximum of 6-7 people.

Check out the Kwaku Festival

This is one Amsterdam experience that you can’t afford to miss out on. Held over 4 weekends throughout July and August you’ll find over 100 food stalls and 3 music stages that will bright up and fill up your day.

Based in the multicultural neighbourhood Southeast you’ll be able to dive into food and music from here there and everywhere. Don’t miss this off your “things to do in Amsterdam” list. Have a look before you go to see if it’s on during your stay.

Visit the bustling markets

You’ll find many markets in Amsterdam that will deliver all the foods and arousing smells that you need to take in the many stalls and goods of the city. But there’s not just food you can enjoy live music and so much more when you walk round.

Notable markets include NeighbourFood market and Sunday Market at Westergasfabriek. There’s also the daily food markets that offer even more diversity.

Go to a music festival

Love your tunes? Great because Amsterdam has a whole array of music festivals that can keep you dancing on your feet and toes for a long time. Summer is the prime time for festivals. Dance in the sun as your favourite tunes blast through the surroundings.

If you want to learn more about the music festivals on in Amsterdam then Google is your esteemed friend. Cost of the festivals varies on each one and how much you spend on drinks.

Book serviced accommodation

Why spend the hot summer in a stuffy hotel with cold staff when you can easily book a serviced apartment in Amsterdam. It will be your own living space for the period of your stay and will come with all the modern and homely amenities you need for a successful extended stay in Amsterdam. From flat screen TVs complimentary Wi-Fi cosy beds and complimentary gym access your stay in Amsterdam will be hugely relaxing.